Our differences make us special,
it is no more black and white.
It’s all colors of the rainbow,
that make the world so right.

It is a blending of the races
that continue day by day
and it is God who made all people
in his very special way.

So who are we to judge another
for the color of their skin
for it is God who made all people
the one who’s always been

So when we have a hatred and
that goes for black and white
because of ones complexion
then we doubt Gods work and might.

God made all the angels the sun,
the moon and stars
He also made the animals
look how different they all are

Respect and love each other
and open up your mind
to all the world around you and
let your heart be kind
For when you die and go to heaven
God just may not let you in
It will be because of all your hatred
and not the color of your skin.

by Dolores DiMarco. tm.1977

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